Saturday, 12 June 2010

Victoria Stitch and the Book Shop (part 1 of 3)

Victoria Stitch knows of one place where there are always adventures to be had. 

In Norwich there is a bookshop with two floors called The Book Hive.  It is the nicest book shop for miles around and the man behind the counter offers you a cup of tea while you browse.
However,  at night time when the clock strikes twelve, the nice man is not there to guard the shop.  There is no one to see what goes on inside those books, no one to hear the creak and rustle of paper as the shelves breathe and characters from stories old and new stir and stretch upon their pages.

No one that is, except Victoria Stitch.  And tonight she is bent on mischief.
Being no bigger than a salt shaker she is able to slip quite easily through the letterbox, dragging Pink Rabbit with her.  They drop lightly on to the floor and begin to walk across the moonlit carpet.

Victoria Stitch takes off her shiny black coat and shakes it. sending a shower of raindrops over Pink Rabbit.  She tosses it into a corner with her umbrella and rubs her hands together wickedly.
 'Who shall we visit tonight?' she asks him.
Pink Rabbit shivers.  He doesn't like 'adventures.'
The bells from the Norwich Cathedral strike twelve.  Victoria Stitch steps onto a shelf. Then quick as a flash she slips between the pages of a book, disappearing completely from view and leaving Pink Rabbit all alone in the darkened book shop...
(all writing and images are copyright to me)

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