Monday, 20 September 2010

Victoria Stitch at the beach

'Take us to the beach!' shouts Victoria Stitch as holding tightly on to the flying carpet as it streaks through the air.
Minorette-topped mosques and ice cream coloured villas flash by. Pink Rabbit covers his eyes as the carpet does a loop the loop and shoots downwards towards the nearest beach.

They land with a bump. Victoria Stitch hops off and prances across the sand, kicking it up with her feet.  Then she takes off her dress and tights and puts on a swimming costume and suncream instead.
'Let's build a sand castle!'  she says to Pink Rabbit.  ' An enormous sand palace!'  Pink Rabbit looks dubious.  His nerves have been shaken from the flight.

Victoria Stitch gets out her skull and crossbones bucket and spade and begins to dig.  She practices by making a little castle first.
Then she starts on her huge Palace.  She digs and digs and digs and pats and smooths and pats.  She presses shells into the walls of her palace and puts down her flying carpet as a welcome mat.

Pink Rabbit sleeps.
 When it's finished, Victoria Stitch stands back to admire her handiwork.  'I am Queen of this castle!'  She announces.
She walks through the door of her sand palace .  It feels good to get out o the hot sun.  Victoria Stitch sits down on the cool sand and closes her eyes for a second...
...She is woken by the feeling of water lapping round her legs.  Her eyes snap open in surprise.  She must have slept for hours!  She is sitting almost waist deep in a pool of water and her creation is crumbling down around her.
Victoria Stitch leaps up and runs splashing out of her palace. Pink Rabbit and the magic carpet are nowhere to be seen!
She flaps her little wings and they lift her out of the water and into the air.  She spots her bucket and spade floating gracefully away on the crest of a wave and snatches them up angrily.  But where is Pink Rabbit?
 She searches for him until it is dark.

Poor Victoria Stitch.  Her wings are not made for intensive flying and by the time she arrives back at the hotel cross, worried and Pink Rabbit-less, she is exhausted.
She opens the door to her room and discovers the television on.  'That's funny,' she thinks.

But then, on the bed, scoffing turkish delight and watching the music channel, are Pink Rabbit and the flying carpet looking smug and non-plussed to see her.
Victoria Stitch is furious.  She plans to wring their necks but before she even gets halfway across the room, she flops forward and falls fast asleep...
... to dream of jewel studded camels and a rose flavoured sea.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Victoria Stitch in Dubai

The plane arrives in Dubai at ten o clock in the morning.  Victoria Stitch feels very hot.  She feels even hotter when she steps outside so she puts on her striped hat and sunglasses.
'Let's go somewhere cooler than outside,' she says to Pink Rabbit after checking into her posh hotel and dropping her suitcase off.  'I know just the place!'

Victoria Stitch takes Pink Rabbit to the mall.  'You can buy anything in Dubai,' she tells him.
They pass shops full of jewels...
and patterned rugs...

and arabic lamps...
They see smoothie bars...
shops where you can pick a bottle and fill it with whatever perfume you like...

ice cream shops (they had a chocolate, raspberry and apricot banana split)...
and countless eastern treasures.
Victoria Stitch says, 'I fancy buying a nice patterned Arabic rug with golden tassels. 

Pink Rabbit follows her into a cluttered looking shop full of wooden camel ornaments, lanterns with coloured glass in them, decorative coffee pots and pashminas.
At the back of the shop there is a nice Arabic patterned rug just the right size for Victoria Stitch.
Victoria Stitch is extremely chuffed with her find.  'This is marvellous,' she tells Pink Rabbit.  'It will look very regal next to my bed at home.'

On her way out she stops to look at an Arabic oil lamp.  When the shop keeper isn't looking she lifts off the lid and peers into it nosily.
 'Who's that!' snaps a cross voice from inside.

Victoria Stitch is not alarmed.  She naughtily steps right into the lamp pulling Pink Rabbit and the patterned rug with her.

The inside of the lamp is deceivingly spacious and not at all gloomy.  Sitting on a chair surrounded by burning incense is a little fat genie.
 'Ah how typical,' says Victoria Stitch a bit rudely.  Then she smiles greedily.  'You owe me three wishes now mr genie man,' she says.

The genie sighs as if he is bored with the whole procedure of dealing out wishes to demanding customers.'

'One wish.'  he corrects her.  'The rules have changed since the days of Aladdin.
'The rules also state that you are obliged to take tea with me before any wish granting begins,' he continues.  'It gets rather lonely in here sometimes.

Victoria Stitch is never adverse to having to take tea.  So she sits down and helps herself to some sickly smelling rosewater tea from an intricate silver teapot.
Pink Rabbit picks at a sticky Arabic sweet.  He is a fussy eater and doesn't like foreign food much.
The three of them sit in companionable silence and Victoria Stitch is thinking about her wish all the time.
At last the genie puts down his cup and rubs his belly in a satisfied manner.  He licks his fingers one by one.  'Now then,' he says.  'Your wish.'

'I've thought of a good one,' says Victoria Stitch.  'I want you to turn my Arabic patterned rug into a flying carpet!'

The genie sighs.  'Not very original,' he mutters.  'But as you wish...'

There is a puff of smoke and the rug begins to unroll itself and wiggle on the ground.
The genie sits back and closes his eyes.  'Now if you don't mind,' he says, 'I think I may take a nap.'

Victoria Stitch picks up the rug and climbs out of the lamp. 
She spreads it on the ground and puts pink rabbit onto it.  'You can test it out,' she says.

Pink Rabbit looks terrified. The rug twitches.
'Why isn't it working?' she snaps impatiently.  She gives the rug a cross kick and suddenly it glides into life.  In one quick movement it scoops her up upon its patterned surface and flies smoothly out of the shop, out of the mall and into the burning heat of the Dubai sun...
all images and writing are copyright to me

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Victoria Stitch at the airport

Victoria Stitch likes going to the airport.
 She has a special 'travelling' crown and outfit for the occasion.
 Her favourite part of being at the airport is looking at all the fancy glass bottles of perfume in duty free and spraying them over Pink Rabbit.
(this is not Pink Rabbits favourite part)
When Victoria Stitch goes through security, the machine makes a loud beeping noise.
 'You must have something metal about your person,' says the airport security lady who has red nails and red lipstick.

She plucks the crown from Victoria Stitch's head and tells her to go through again.

This time there is no beeping.

'Yes it's your crown madam,' says the lady.  'And it looks extremely valuable and pointy.  I'm afraid we cannot allow you to take it on the plane.'
 'But I am the Queen!'  retorts Victoria Stitch indignantly.  'I must have my travelling crown.'

'Sorry madam,' says the airport security lady, and moves on to the next person in the queue.

Victoria Stitch is furious.  She stomps her way into the waiting area and then after showing her passport she stomps her way onto the plane.
She finds that the seat is a little too big for her, along with the complimentary toothbrush and earplugs. 
Her one consolation is that the toothpaste is just the right size!

(all writing and images are copyright to me)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Victoria Stitch packs for holiday

Victoria Stitch is packing for her holiday. 

She does not travel light!

She has so many very necessary items to bring...

Her striped swimming costume with matching goggles, flippers, hat and swimasaurus rubber ring.

Her Royal travelling crown.  (After all, she is the Queen!)
Her complete art set, including crayons, colouring pencils and paint.
Sunhat and suncream- factor 100 for her delicate paper white skin...
Travel sweets and snacks...
A bucket and spade for all those sand Palaces she will order Pink Rabbit to build...
Make up and glitter (very important)...
 Mustn't forget her pink toothbrush!
And that's all before she even packs her clothes!