Sunday, 22 August 2010

Victoria Stitch at the airport

Victoria Stitch likes going to the airport.
 She has a special 'travelling' crown and outfit for the occasion.
 Her favourite part of being at the airport is looking at all the fancy glass bottles of perfume in duty free and spraying them over Pink Rabbit.
(this is not Pink Rabbits favourite part)
When Victoria Stitch goes through security, the machine makes a loud beeping noise.
 'You must have something metal about your person,' says the airport security lady who has red nails and red lipstick.

She plucks the crown from Victoria Stitch's head and tells her to go through again.

This time there is no beeping.

'Yes it's your crown madam,' says the lady.  'And it looks extremely valuable and pointy.  I'm afraid we cannot allow you to take it on the plane.'
 'But I am the Queen!'  retorts Victoria Stitch indignantly.  'I must have my travelling crown.'

'Sorry madam,' says the airport security lady, and moves on to the next person in the queue.

Victoria Stitch is furious.  She stomps her way into the waiting area and then after showing her passport she stomps her way onto the plane.
She finds that the seat is a little too big for her, along with the complimentary toothbrush and earplugs. 
Her one consolation is that the toothpaste is just the right size!

(all writing and images are copyright to me)

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  1. Love it so much so cute. I hope victoria gets her crown back lol xx