Monday, 20 September 2010

Victoria Stitch at the beach

'Take us to the beach!' shouts Victoria Stitch as holding tightly on to the flying carpet as it streaks through the air.
Minorette-topped mosques and ice cream coloured villas flash by. Pink Rabbit covers his eyes as the carpet does a loop the loop and shoots downwards towards the nearest beach.

They land with a bump. Victoria Stitch hops off and prances across the sand, kicking it up with her feet.  Then she takes off her dress and tights and puts on a swimming costume and suncream instead.
'Let's build a sand castle!'  she says to Pink Rabbit.  ' An enormous sand palace!'  Pink Rabbit looks dubious.  His nerves have been shaken from the flight.

Victoria Stitch gets out her skull and crossbones bucket and spade and begins to dig.  She practices by making a little castle first.
Then she starts on her huge Palace.  She digs and digs and digs and pats and smooths and pats.  She presses shells into the walls of her palace and puts down her flying carpet as a welcome mat.

Pink Rabbit sleeps.
 When it's finished, Victoria Stitch stands back to admire her handiwork.  'I am Queen of this castle!'  She announces.
She walks through the door of her sand palace .  It feels good to get out o the hot sun.  Victoria Stitch sits down on the cool sand and closes her eyes for a second...
...She is woken by the feeling of water lapping round her legs.  Her eyes snap open in surprise.  She must have slept for hours!  She is sitting almost waist deep in a pool of water and her creation is crumbling down around her.
Victoria Stitch leaps up and runs splashing out of her palace. Pink Rabbit and the magic carpet are nowhere to be seen!
She flaps her little wings and they lift her out of the water and into the air.  She spots her bucket and spade floating gracefully away on the crest of a wave and snatches them up angrily.  But where is Pink Rabbit?
 She searches for him until it is dark.

Poor Victoria Stitch.  Her wings are not made for intensive flying and by the time she arrives back at the hotel cross, worried and Pink Rabbit-less, she is exhausted.
She opens the door to her room and discovers the television on.  'That's funny,' she thinks.

But then, on the bed, scoffing turkish delight and watching the music channel, are Pink Rabbit and the flying carpet looking smug and non-plussed to see her.
Victoria Stitch is furious.  She plans to wring their necks but before she even gets halfway across the room, she flops forward and falls fast asleep...
... to dream of jewel studded camels and a rose flavoured sea.


  1. Very enjoyable and a great idea to have her inside the castle! Just a note - it's minaret.

  2. Your illustrations are amazing! I love love love your work!